9 Steps to Buy a House: 5 – Placing an Offer

When you find the house you would like to buy, it is the moment to place an offer for it.

Think about how much you’re willing to pay for the house, taking into account other houses’ prices in the neighbourhood, quality and convenience of the services.

Make sure everything is written down, do not trust verbal agreements.

Present the seller a written document detailing what each party has to do to close the deal. The contract should favour everyone’s interests. Check it carefully, because once the seller accepts it, probably there will be no chance to modify anything.

The contract should include:

  • a legal description of the property
  • the offered price
  • payment and financial agreements
  • a list of taxes and who will pay them
  • the deposit amount, inspection rights
  • and more contingencies of the agreements

This legal phase is very important. If you have any doubt or worry, it is better to ask before closing the deal.

The real estate agents at Caldeyro Victorica will help you make sure the contract contemplates all the legal requirements. They can also counsel you for making an offer that has chnaces of being accepted.


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