Investing in Uruguay

The investment regime in Uruguay is completely open, no matter if the capital is domestic or foreign. The main features of this system are:

Stable security environment for investors, both in the defense of the principle of private property as in the stability of its economic policy.

Permission to install new businesses is not required. People and companies are free to begin business activities without state authorization or approval.

There is no limit on foreign equity participation in companies. Excepting rare exceptions, foreigners can hold 100% equity of a company or in establishing a joint venture.

Investment can be made on repatriation as well as non-repatriation basis. Repatriation can be made without state authorization or approval.

The change market is open and unregulated. This allows the free purchase or sale of currency.

Favorable treatment for imported capital goods. Most of the capital goods are brought into the country with a very low tariff or even zero, based on different systems.

Freedom of importing all kinds of goods. Tariffs range from 0% to 23%, with some transitory exceptions.

Total freedom of exports. There are no charges or prohibitions.

There is an indirect tax refund and a temporary admission regime that promote the export sector.

Freedom to nominate contracts for the sale of goods or services, including employment contracts in foreign currency.

Freedom of recruitment, including foreign employees.

Investment protection agreements to avoid double taxation.

Total anonymity guaranteed for investors with the possibility to resorting to a Trust (recently adopted in the country).

Access to a market of over 200 million consumers: the MERCOSUR which just added the Mexican market on the basis of recently expanded agreements.

Possibility of getting a national interest declaration from the Government for private investment projects (Law Nr. 16,906), with a certain quantity of tax exemptions.

• Nevertheless, there are many other promoted sectors, such as afforestation. The installation of industries in the so-called Industrial Parks (Law 17,547) is also encouraged.

Where can you invest?

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