Who are we?

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After more than 20 years working in Rural Real Estate in Uruguay we learn more about our area every day. We meet new clients and we strengthen the relationship with our colleagues.

We do our job with pleasure and enthusiasm.

We firmly believe in dedication and innovation which have led us to expand our capabilities to the Urban Real Estate in Uruguay. To do this we have built a multidisciplinary team, and we have installed it in a warm and comfortable place where we receive and respond to our customers.

The goal of this new venture is to meet the needs of our customers and create a bond of friendship and trust which has the common objective of securing mutual benefits.

Our blog is dedicated to Uruguay real estate. Why so many North Americans and Europeans looking for a second home, a new place to live, or an offshore real estate investment chose Uruguay? Are you looking to invest or live in Uruguay? Here you will find many Uruguay facts and information related to buying land and property in Uruguay.