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What documentation do I need to enter Uruguay?

Foreign visitors do not need visa or other documents in order to travel to Uruguay. They can enter the country with a valid passport. The citizens of countries bordering with Uruguay can travel with their IDs. When children travel alone …

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Experiencing an Asado: Uruguay

Family and friends sit at an unassuming backyard table. Beer and wine are generously consumed under the summer sun. Comfortable conversations, the family dog lazily looking for

photo of Punta Ballena, near Punta del Este, Uruguay

Living in Uruguay: part 2

Friendly and Tolerant People: Uruguay is a secular country and people feel free to practice any creed. The character of Uruguayans is strongly influenced by the descendants of

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Living in Uruguay

Why do so many foreigners choose Uruguay as their place to live and invest? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a growing number of people

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Uruguay at a glance

There is a growing number of foreigners that consider moving to Uruguay. Some may like Uruguay as a retirement country. Others may want a change of pace and

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Why so many people choose Uruguay?

According to the article named "Uruguay: South America's best ketp secret?" by Veronica Psetizki for BBC News, Uruguay has seen an increase in migration and, after