Uruguay at a glance

There is a growing number of foreigners that consider moving to Uruguay. Some may like Uruguay as a retirement country. Others may want a change of pace and prefer a quieter and healthier life for themselves and their children, while others look for investment and business opportunities in Uruguay.

The country is located in South America, on the Atlantic Coast, between Brazil on the North and Argentina on the West. It has an area of approximately 176,000 km2 (68,000 square miles) excluding territorial waters.

Montevideo is the capital. The country is divided in 19 Departments.

There are no remarkable topographical features. Most of the surface consists on undulating plains crossed by long rivers.


Weather conditions are enjoyable throughout the year. Summer temperatures average between 21 ºC and 27 ºC (70 ºF and 80 ºF), winter temperatures vary between 10 ºC and 16 ºC (50ºF and 60 ºF) and there are some cold days occasionally. Rainfall may occur on any season, but it is usually heavier during the months of autumn.

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