José Ignacio, Uruguay: the next Saint Tropez

Some time ago, the show Thalassa from channel 3 France, filmed José Ignacio in Uruguay, which has been titled the next St Tropez. This prominent tv show about travel is viewed in France and Europe. This show on the subject of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay was very well received by the viewers.

Here is the video so you can watch it. Below you will see a few highlights from the video in English, since the video is in French.

José Ignacio, le Saint-Trop’ latino
Directed by: Romain Dussaulx
Filmed by: François Reinhardt
Produced by: Grand Angle Productions
Duration: 19′

In the past few years, a small village in Uruguay named José Ignacio has fast become the newest prestigious as well as sophisticated location. José Ignacio is located a few kilometres from the most significant tourism spot, Punta del Este. Originally, José Ignacio was seen as a small rustic community of fishermen. These days, this extraordinary spot in Uruguay has caught the eye of world celebrities such as Ralph Lauren, Naomi Campbell and Shakira. Each year, the population of José Ignacio increases 100%. The jet set has a hidden place where they are able to party and really enjoy the peace and quiet. The stars will discover the perfect equilibrium of luxuriousness and authenticity.

What precisely is the actual explanation which placed in the spotlight José Ignacio, Uruguay, this very small place in the South Atlantic? So why José Ignacio, Uruguay instead of other places? In what way does the infrastructure adapt to the quick demand? Is José Ignacio, Uruguay, the next Saint Tropez?

Source: Invertir Vivir Uruguay


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  1. Maestro Pascal says:


    José Ignacio is fantastic, beach, sea and fishing.
    There is a site with lots of information about turism in Uruguay, and is an official site.

  2. Matt Dyer says:

    Awesome destination if you're looking for a low key beach that still has some decent amenities, this is a great spot. Not super touristy and good place to get the local feel.

  3. Silvia Rivoira says:

    I love José Ignacio! If I was an artist or a writer, this would be my home! Ocean, silence, wind, nature, beautiful architecture. I adore José Ignacio in winter time!

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