Modern and Exclusive Buildings In Carrasco


Carrasco is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Montevideo. It’s a residential zone, and it has all the necessary services at hand. Moreover, in the neighbourhood you can find some of the most prestigious schools and highschools in Montevideo. The constructions are characterized for being top and done with very good taste.

It is a charming place to walk through, because of its streets lined with trees, the shopping lane Arocena Avenue, or the beautiful coastal strip, the citie’s promenade. To add attractiveness to the zone, the traditional Casino Carrasco hotel, that is now Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco y Spa, has been recently reinaugurated.

All this results in a really attractive neighbourhood to live in – and more and more companies are choosing it as their workplace too-. Little by Little, thanks to capitals of different origins, the neighbourhood reforms itself and modernizes with new constructions: exclusive houses and deluxe buildings with various ammenities. These are some of the new exclusive buildings in Carrasco:


This exclusive apartments building is located in Carrasco downtown. From the apartments you can enjoy gorgeous views, because it is placed between the promenade and Monteverde square. The complex is divided in two sectors. Each apartment has two garages. Vitacura has a beautiful garden, pool and hall of common use. Apart from that, the units have wide rooms, making it an exclusive and confortable place to live in.

Masinfinito Carrasco

Located in a nice residential zone in Carrasco neighbourhood. There are 12 apartments, all of them with spacious and luminous rooms. You can enjoy beautiful and charming natural gardens. Apart from that there are other services: spa with massage room, gym, sauna and pools. The apartments are carefully constructed, with details as dressing room, hydromassage and more. The complex is strategically placed 5 minutes away from Carrasco Airport and 20 minutes away from downtown Montevideo. The surroundings are pure nature, green, beach and sea.

Jardines de Barradas

A building with just one block facing Barradas de Carrasco Street. Every unit counts with roofed terrace with barbacue. Enjoy views of Carrasco, to the park, or to the sea. It is a complex with very special characteristics, such as iluminations and garden designs, hydromassages in main rooms, and constructions with high quality material. It also has solar energy prevision for the building, security service, brand new technology, and other amenities. All those things will make you feel like you are living in a house, but with the security of a building.

Art Business

This is a modern offices building divided in two blocks and 8 floors. Located on one of the principal avenues of Montevideo, just 5 minutes away from the airport, and 20 minutes away from downtown. All the units are confortable and wide. The complex supports all the new tendencies regarding technology, security and environment. As it is developed in modules, it allows offices from 40m2 to 500m2. You can adapt your office to your needs. The building has common spaces, such as a coffee shop and meeting room. The gardens are designed carefully, and you can access the building conveniently by a green entrance with water mirrors to the sides, in Av. Italia.

Faros de Carrasco

Faros is a Project located in the zone of greatest growth between Carrasco and the lakes. Living here is to combine the best of the city and the nature. Among its facilities it counts with barbacue, gym, solárium, open and closed pools. Enjoying the confort and security of a modern apartment, you can also live surrounded by lakes and a beautiful natural environment. Moreover, from the building you can easily reach any spot of the city driving by big avenues such as Av Italia or the Promenade.

Alpha Place

A complex of 17 apartments, meters away from Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club, designed under “Green Arquitecture” concept. In the amenities block, you can find pool, sun deck, garden with pergola and a multiple uses hall with bathrooms and dressing rooms. The building also counts with green spaces for recreatin, which have been designed by professionals.

By buying a property in Carrasco, you assure an excelent level of construction and quality of life. Don’t hesitate to contact us and visit any of these exclusive complexes. We will be waiting for you!

About the author: Caldeyro Victorica

Caldeyro Victorica Real Estate is a firm specialized in the commercialization of both urban and rural first-rate real estate. It positions itself as an opinion leader and constant innovator in its field. The firm works contributing to making Uruguay an attractive place to live in, work or invest. It offers a first-class service, meeting its clients every requirement. Their office in Carrasco reflects the comfort and sophistication that identifies the brand. An exclusive service characterized by its transparence, discretion and professionalism, makes this firm unique.

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