Art Experience Tour

Between 27 and 29 December was held in Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio, the fourth edition of Art Experience Tour. As in previous editions, the event brought together the leading artists of the region, combining art and gastronomy in the most emblematic scenarios of the peninsula.


The Grand Hotel

Since 2012, the tour integrates art lovers, collectors, curators and artists from various disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, music and photography into the more sophisticated spaces. The events have also a unique and original gastronomic menu, specially developed for the proposal.


Laguna Escondida

For this edition, the selected locations were The Grand Hotel, Bahía VIK and Laguna Escondida in Jose Ignacio. In them, the guests enjoyed live art, witnessing artists creating and showing their work in situ.

Conrad Resort & Casino

The closing ceremony was held at the Conrad Hotel and the traditional final auction of works of “Great Masters and Emerging Artists“, in charge of the traditional auction house JE Gomensoro.

Bahía VIK

In the 2015 edition the artists were: Adrian Becerra, Ana Laura Lujan Andrea Pastorini, Andrez Martinez, Daniel Pose, Daniel Scharf, Diego Cortinas Anaya, Diego Cousillas Delgado, Fabrizio Ceppi, Felipe Fuentes, Fernanda But Francisca Maya, Gissella Garcia, Horacio Herrera Ulibarri, Javier Abreu, John Hoff, Julio Noriega, Laura Morás, Lucas Figueroa, Martin Lawrence, Martin Tisnés, Paul Bishop, Romina Santana, Santiago Giani, Sebastian Machin, Dina Sartori, Stephanie Trombotti, Valentina Lopez Aldana, Victoria Steglich and Viviana Guridi.

The event was sponsored by BMW and Uruguay Luxury Travel Association.

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