Golfing in Uruguay, part 3

In and around Montevideo

Golf enthusiasts are usually fascinated once they find out they have got a couple of outstanding golf courses in Montevideo. The first is in the actual center of the city, looking at the coastline, with an unequalled perspective of the city skyline. And the second one is at the western point of the metropolis, having a just as superb view.

The first one belongs to the Club de Golf del Uruguay, which was constructed around 1930 and created by the well known Alistair Mackenzie. This golf course is situated in the residential neighborhood of Punta Carretas, only one street from Punta Carretas Mall. In addition to a couple of restaurants, pools, as well as sports facilities are located in its clubhouse. You are able to play there free of charge on Mondays.

Club de Golf del Uruguay
Boulevard Artigas 379, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Phone: (598)2-710-1721 ext 25

The traditional Club de Golf del Cerro goes back to the early twentieth century, the time its course was projected by the proprietors of the Swift Slaughterhouse. Once you arrive in a couple of minutes, its breathtaking landscape and amenities provide you with all the relaxation and peacefulness you have been searching for.


Club de Golf del Cerro
Punta de Lobos, Montevideo, Uruguay

Apart from these classic golf clubs, a half hour drive towards the east from Montevideo’s center takes you to La Tahona Golf Club, found within La Tahona gated community, in Canelones. For that reason, this game experience is not the same as the previously discussed golf courses, because the 18 holes are set among the green areas between the classy residencies of La Tahona gated communities. This golf course was built in 1996 and features a restaurant, a pool and several additional sport facilities.

La Tahona Golf Club
Camino de los Horneros 220 in Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones.
Phone (598)2-684-0004

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  1. Matthew Richardson says:

    La Tahona Golf course is wonderful. It really has been a great experience to relax and play there on a couple of different instances.
    For folks who are visiting Uruguay for the very first time, you will love this particular course. Personally, I have been to Uruguay eight different times.
    The course is quite good for the usual golf player. It is located just beyond the borders of Montevideo.
    The staff is extremely friendly, they usually make an effort to please.

  2. DeniseUY says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Do you need to be a guest of someone living in that gated community? How can someone just visiting Uruguay for the first time play there? Do you just pay a green fee or do you have to play with and be invited by a resident/member?
    I’m a woman and we need things spelled out! Other than that, I really do love your insightful comments, truly I do!

    • Hello Denise,

      Thank you for your comment.
      There is no need for you to be a member of the club or to be invited by a member. The green fee for non members is approximately $600. I will confirm this tomorrow as the admin office is closed on Mondays.

  3. DeniseUY says:

    Dear Matthew Richardson,
    I was wondering in order to play the La Tahona golf course how does a first time visitor to Uruguay gain entrance to a gated community? Do you have to be invited and play with a resident/member? Or, are there simple green fees one can pay?
    I appreciated your insightful comments but being a woman I just need things clearly spelled out, as it were. Thanks! DeniseUY

    • Caldeyro Victorica says:

      Hi Denise,
      The green fee at the Club de Golf del Cerro is US$ 30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays, and US$ 40 for Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays.
      Have you golfed in Uruguay?

    • Hi Denise,
      The green fee at the Club de Golf del Cerro is US$ 30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays, and US$ 40 for Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays.
      Have you golfed in Uruguay?

  4. larry andrews says:

    Can anyone provide specific : re up-to -date golf courses in and around Monteviedo
    ? Last info I have seen in 3 years old ? Thanks , looking to spend Dec- April there soon. Larry

    • Dear Larry,

      The information provided on the blog is currently up-to-date.
      You will find more specific information on each golf course by clicking on the links to their websites.
      Hope you have a great stay in Uruguay and enjoy the golf courses.

      Best regards,

      Caldeyro Victorica Bienes Raíces.

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