Ignacio Guani Gives us a Birdseye View of Uruguay

He is known as the photographer in the sky because in the last couple of years he has been taking unique photographs from his paraglide at 150 meters of altitude. Ignacio Guani has travelled through Uruguay going off the beaten path and has captured over 10,000 images.

He says he prefers to photograph “unknown” sites and landscapes. In 2008 he travelled on a Kombi for 4 months taking pictures of Uruguay’s natural landscapes. In 2011 he decides to do another expedition, this time travelling for a whole year. This time he is driving a motor home where he has a digital lab that allows him to process the photographic material he generates. Caldeyro Victorica Real Estate is Guani’s proud sponsor. Caldeyro Victorica supports this type of artistic initiatives because through work such as Guani’s Uruguay is being seen as a great place to visit, live and invest.

The photographer tells us the first time he flew on a paraglide was when a friend invited him. It was thanks to this first flight that he decided to start using a paraglide to photograph from the sky.

Uruguay looks different from the sky. There are a lot of surprisingly beautiful landscapes you can see from the sky.

Guani is planning to author a book which will be published in 2012 or in the first months of 2013. In it he will show these images.

Rice Fields in Paysandú, Uruguay

It’s been more than 5000 km covered by Ignacio Guani in 61 days on the road. He visited the Expoactiva in Soriano, an exhibit where more than 250 agriculture companies showcase machinery and do demonstrations to producers who also attend looking to network and participate of workshops and conferences. Then he headed to Paysandú where he flew over fields with silos. He was mesmerized by the intricate patterns formed by the rice fields. He also visited Salto, north from Paysandú, where he was able to capture unforgettable sunsets on the endless orange tree fields.

Iporá Lake in Tacuarembó, Uruguay

His next stop was the Valley of Lunarejo, near the town of Tranqueras, in Rivera. This place has a natural beauty equal to none and is very rich in fauna and flora. There is approximately 153 bird species in this area, making it a great spot for bird watching. Then he went to the location of Iporá, in Tacuarembó. Iporá comes from the Guaraní language. “I” means water, and “porá” means beautiful, clear, good, and serene. The main attraction in this location is the Juventud Lake –of 17 hectares- with its water so still and serene it appears to be a mirror for the sky.

He recounts encountering very interesting people along the journey, like the couple who travelled around the world in their Mehari or an Argentinean producer who was filming a documentary about Gardel in Tacuarembó and Guani worked with. There are still 6 months left in his expedition through Uruguay. We are anxious to see his images and rediscover Uruguay through the eyes of the photographer.


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