6 Basic Elements to Consider when Looking to Buy Land in Uruguay

What you must know when evaluating a piece of land in Uruguay

What should you know before purchasing land in Uruguay?

    Estimating the correct value of an agriculture establishment is not an easy task. To do it you must take a series of factors into account. The following are the most important ones:

      What kind of exploitation can be done? What is the present use and/or potential use?
      The first thing to observe is the type of soils and their proportions. This is what will determine the best use for the land.
      The main uses for land in Uruguay are:
      -cattle farming
      – rice plantations
      – fruit plantations
      -dairy farming
      -hunting reserve
      – Distance from ports
      – Proximity to the department capital or towns
      – Proximity to national and regional routes and highways
      – Accessibility
    • QUALITY:
      What is the state of preservation of the soils? Does it have possibilities of improvement? Does the land have natural water sources? Does it have forests for shade and shelter? Can specific crops be grown in it?
      – Marshlands
      – Rock outcrops
      – Clay soils
      – Slopes and hills
      – Other
      Comfortable main house
      – Electricity and telephone services
      – Work installations – chutes, head gates, squeezes, wallows,
      loading chutes, etc.
      – Artificial water sources
      -Artificial forests
      – Sheds
      – House for personnel and foremen house
      – Fences
      – Housing
      – Installations
      – Roads


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