Pure Spanish Horses and Lusitano Horses in Uruguay

Uruguayan equine farms begin breeding Andalusian or Iberian horses. Farm Santa Clara chooses to breed Pure Spanish Horse (PRE) and the Lusitano Horse (PSL). The farm imported 12 stallions, 20 mares and 14 colts.

These horses are very functional. They are exhibition animals, very beautiful and ride very comfortably. The stallions can be used for Dressage, but they are also great for Equestrian Jumping and Endurance as well as for rural labor.

It is more accessible to raise these breeds here than in Brazil. The objective is to commercialize these horses locally and internationally. In summertime, Punta del Este attracts high net worth foreigners who like these horses and expect the best quality, says Jose De Los Santos owner of Santa Clara farm.

Cross breeding these horses with other breeds produces really nice specimens. Cross breeding with Criollos or Quarter Mile produces the Aztec breed, which is very popular in Mexico.

Pure Spanish Horse and the Lusitano breeds are highly valued in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico where there are breeders associations.

The animals have adapted very well to our climate and are in training process with our riders. We have brought an expert from Brazil and we are thinking in sending riders to Spain so they can continue their specialization.





Source: El Observador


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