Forestry in Uruguay: a Growing Industry

The world is in need of wood, and every day in larger quantities. This is why it is a firm industry, says Jorge Diano director of Foresur. The international positioning of the product is good since the wood produced in Uruguay is of exceptional quality.

Diano remembers the origins of Foresur, the day they decided to carry out what they had envisioned. They did not expect the role it would play in the Uruguayan forestry industry.  Nowadays Foresur is an important tool for the forestry producer. The difficulties in this business are reduced if the producer can join a group with other producers. Presently, the group has the support of over 70 producers who decide to commercialize through Foresur.  Jorge Diano points out that although there were some bumps in the road, since Foresur’s creation in 1992 and its first export in 1994, it has steadily grown.

The industry outlook is promising, the demand is firm and there are forestry companies that are interested in settling in Uruguay.

Port of Montevideo, Uruguay

“However, there are some issues to resolve, such as the need to decentralize Montevideo’s port”, stresses Diano.  In order to continue growing it is necessary to continue planting, but also is necessary to open more ports. There is too much freight coming through Montevideo, an average ship brings approximately 1500 trucks of 30 tons each, and there are several ships arriving per year. “We are a country with a lot of coast, we should be looking toward the sea and not facing the opposite side”, concludes the Foresur director.

Source: Agromedios


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