First edition of CREATE in Punta del Este – Creation and Innovation 2015

estanislao02Last Saturday, October 10th, it was held at The Gran Hotel in Punta del Este, the first annual conference Create, Creation and Innovation, related to architecture, landscaping and design. It was an event that gathered international and national professionals, and was a space for the renewing of ideas and sharing with colleagues and companies in the sector.

Caldeyro Victorica attended, incentivized by the presence of the Architect Samuel Flores Flores, renowned for his organic architecture and large residential projects. During this occasion, Flores Flores presented his project “Petals in Barra de Carrasco” (we will be releasing more details shortly).


Mariana y Rodolfo junto al Arq. Samuel Flores Flores

The event’s speakers were: Dr. Estanislao Bachrach, Arch. Samuel Flores Flores, Engr. Agri. Carlos Thayos, Arch. Martín Gómez, the group of architects: Landscape Factories (“Fábrica de paisajes”) and the Arch. Chris Roncato.


Dr. Estanislao Bachrach

Estanislao Bachrach, Molecular Biology PhD, led a Creativity and Innovation Workshop. One of the authors of the books “Ágilamente” and “En Cambio”, kept the audience completely captivated during every minute of the presentation, where he explained new ideas about the brain and how it functions.

The Architect Flores Flores, during his talk, Las Flores de Flores Flores, put emphasis on respecting the natural environment and on how to make designs with character and soul, as represented by his prestigious works.

He highlighted the concept of designing for the residents and not for clients. In 2014 he was chosen to exhibit in the Venice Biennale in Italy his works: The Grottos Resort (“Complejo Turístico Las Grutas“), White Towers House (“Casas Torres Blancas”) and Poseidon House (“Casa Poseidón”).

His work, White Towers House, was selected to be in the Catalogue of Latin American Architecture Exhibition in the MoMA, Museum of Modern Art in New York, March 2015.

Some of his major works are Marinas del Este in Punta Ballena, the Poseidon Building in Punta del Este and the private neighborhood La Tahona, in Canelones.

One of his own houses, which was his own residence, is in the Caldeyro Victorica property listings, where his distinctive design can be observed.


Ing. Agr. Carlos Thays

“Between Permanence and Change” was the talk given by the Agricultural Engineer Carlos Thays: “Landscape and the permanent, the material of our memories, the postcard of that which we must look for everywhere; that which does not change. Landscape as a mirror, a direct reflection of our dedication to change: call it progress or evolution. The landscape is what provokes, sustains and motivates our changes; those that make us feel as if we grow at the rhythm of the times. It is also that which contains our identity, who we are…”. He presented several of his projects located on both sides of the La Plata River.


Arq. Martín Gómez

In his dissertation, “Modern Architecture with an Exceptional Warmth“, Architect Martín Gómez, explained how to deal with all projects on the ocean. In his designs, the use of natural materials, like wood, concrete and rock, stand out, as well as the creation of warm, modern architecture.


Landscapes Factory

The group of architects: Landscape Factories (“Fábrica de paisajes”), composed of F. Ayerra, M. Castaings, M. Cobas, J. Lanza and D. Perez, presented the fictional construction of territory and landscape. They focused on innovation within the discipline. This group of young architects demonstrated the quality and professionalism of the new generation of architects. They presented various projects and competitions won by the group, like, for example, the competition Independence Square (“Plaza Independencia”).


Chris Roncato

Lastly and closing the series of conferences was the Landscape Architect Chris Roncato, with his presentation on “Creativity in Landscapes During Times of Sustainability”, She described the positioning of landscaping in general, in relation to architecture and the user. He also presented two Landscaping cases in different parts of Brazil (Salvador and Piauí), where the implementation of creative projects and the relationship between the native vegetation and the community can be observed.

About the author: Caldeyro Victorica

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