Own a Room in a 4 Stars Hotel

A new way to invest

The changes in the financial market and the worry about the currency value gave space to new ways of investing, less risky and more profitable, opening door to large capitals as well as small and medium investors.

Esplendor Artigas offers the investor the opportunity to own a part of a high end hotel (one or more rooms) and obtain a rent similar to that of a real estate investor. This income surpasses any income from a traditional real estate investment.

What is a condo hotel?

Boutique Hotel Investment in MontevideoThe investor purchases a room of a hotel for which he receives a property title. The investor exploits this property hiring a hotel management company that brings the brand and the management. The hotel monthly profit, fruit of the occupancy and average rate, is distributed proportionally among all the unit owners without taking into account the individual occupancy of each room. The concept of condo hotel appeared first in places like Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale and has rapidly expanded around the world as a new way of investing.

Founded 10 years ago, Fën Group is today the company with the greatest amount of hotels in franchises and under management in Argentina. Presently there are 22 hotels and 12 more are being built. In Montevideo Esplendor Boutique Hotel Montevideo is operating with great success, having received the Excellence Certificate from TripadvisorFën Group franchises and manages two chains: Esplendor, with exclusive and unique design, and Dazzler, hotels with the best combination of price and quality in the 4 stars category.

What is the expected return?

The expected return is of 10% to 18% after income tax, depending on the rate and occupancy of the hotel.

Advantages for investors

  • Small investment with high profitability.
  • Minimized risk. The investors are land owners; they have a property title for their hotel room.
  • A business model that offers the same security and the same appreciation as a real estate investment but more than double the annual return.
  • The owners are able to sell the room to a third party, the same as any real estate property.
  • The hotel will be commercialized under a renowned and successful brand: Fën Group. Fën Group has over 21 projects presently operating in Argentina and South America.

Boutique Suite InvestmentThe Hotel

The Esplendor Artigas will be located in the privileged area of Punta Carretas in front of the Golf Club, possessing unmatched views of the city and the Rio de la Plata. It will be situated on Artigas Boulevard and the peaceful Errazquin Street. This superior 4 stars hotel will have 280 luxurious rooms, and all the amenities and services of the finest hotels: grand entrance and lobby, convention center, swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurant, bar area, breakfast area and underground parking. The development is from the renowned architect Carlos Ott, whose experience includes well known hotels around the world.

Montevideo presents itself as one of the most popular options of visitors who are surprised to see a vibrant and thriving city.  Montevideo kept the tradition and physionomy of the oldest cities in South America. The growth of the tourism in Uruguay is a long term tendency. The soccer world cup and the Olympic Games to be celebrated in Brazil will promote the region as a privileged tourism destination.

Montevideo View Bay

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