Criollo Horses in Uruguay: an Emblematic Breed

The Uruguayan Criollo horse, as well as other Latin American countries, descends from the animals brought by the conquerors. Once the Criollo horse gained freedom it reproduced and survived, where the land conditions forged the features that make the breed’s outstanding quality.

The Criollo horse has recently been declared a vital part of Uruguay’s cultural heritage, because it is intimately linked to our history. It was a fundamental actor in the periods of the independence battles and the national consolidation. It was an essential factor in the economic, social and cultural development of our country through the daily work of our country men.


One of the main features that distinguish the Criollo horse from any other horse is its rusticity and ability to recover quickly. Rusticity and recovery power become evident in the breed endurance races (la Marcha), where animals must cover 750 km in 15 days, fed exclusively on natural pastures.

The Criollo horse is very docile in taming. It is also an excellent breed for riding; its tameness and comfortable riding make it the most appropriate horse for those who are looking for riding for stress release and relaxation. The Criollo makes the best choice when you are looking for a workhorse, rein ability, riding or long breath competitions.

Main picture: Historia del Caballo Criollo


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