40 Studios Participate in the First Uruguayan Digital Architecture Exhibition

The first virtual exhibition of contemporary architecture can be visited in the facilities of Carrasco International Airport until next December 27. The proposal, declared of National Interest by the Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, will be relocated to Punta del Este, until February 2016.

Ph: www.arquitecturaceleste.com

The exhibition explores the influence of globalization in the conception and perception of contemporary architectural projects and the contribution of Uruguayan professionals particular vision, influenced by landscapes, climates and local culture.

Through interviews with the architects, where they narrate the creative process behind their most important projects, it individualizes each professional and highlights personal innovations and current contributions to global tendencies.

For this purpose, wooden totem poles were placed, emulating smartphones. Each structure has a 24-inch monitor displaying 3 works and 2 projects of almost 40 national architecture studios, including those of internationally renowned Carlos Ott and Rafael Viñoly. Also, through a QR code, visitors can access directly to the website of each study.

The exhibition aims to the general public and fans, interested in the discussion of the possibility of adapting new architectural trends  to our local enviroment.

Most architecture makers of our country are represented here, through their work. The public showed so much support that the splendid third floor of the airport felt almost too small“, said the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Ma. Julia Muñoz.

Poseidon – Arq. Samuel Flores Flores

Arq. Mariana Caldeyro, Director of Caldeyro Victorica Real Estate, attended the opening and praised the initiative, highlighting the work of renowned architect Samuel Flores Flores and, in particular its flagship “Poseidon” house, in Punta del Este. “It’s such an impressive contemporary work, an example of ageless architecture. For me, he’s one of Uruguay’s finest architects“.

Arq. Flores Flores congratulated Diego Flores and Arch. Sergio Corian, “for such a fantastic show“.

The activity takes place as part of the celebration of the 100 years of the Faculty of Architecture of Uruguay.

Soon, the works will be available on the website of Architects of Uruguay and sent to leading publishers in Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America, in printed format.

About the author: Caldeyro Victorica

Caldeyro Victorica Real Estate is a firm specialized in the commercialization of both urban and rural first-rate real estate. It positions itself as an opinion leader and constant innovator in its field. The firm works contributing to making Uruguay an attractive place to live in, work or invest. It offers a first-class service, meeting its clients every requirement. Their office in Carrasco reflects the comfort and sophistication that identifies the brand. An exclusive service characterized by its transparence, discretion and professionalism, makes this firm unique.

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